Water Boundary Tool
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Tracking California developed and currently operates the only statewide, crowd-sourced effort to map California's drinking water systems, called the Water Boundary Tool (WBT).   

Tracking California developed the Water Boundary Tool (WBT) in February 2012 to facilitate the creation and collection of customer service area boundaries for public water systems (PWS) in California. Prior to this effort, many systems only had paper maps, and there was no central location where this information was available for the entire state.

Without a statewide digital map of water system customer service areas, it is challenging to answer basic questions about which communities are being served by which systems and what contaminants might they be exposed to. So far, Tracking California has compiled information for water systems that collectively serve about 90% of the total California population.

Tracking California currently operates the WBT, maintains the database, and makes the data publicly available.  So far, WBT data has been used to support a range of public health activities, including emergency response, outbreak prevention, exposure investigations, water system management, and research.  While WBT data may be integrated into other programs' web tools, the data available on this website are the most up-to-date.  Visit our water systems page to access the data or use the tool.  

In the past, we had to look up the water system information in Google Earth, find out their sampling maps or distribution maps, compare it between different public water systems side by side.... With the boundary tool, we can verify the service areas in seconds. It improves the efficiency of our work.

- George Chien, Associate Sanitation Engineer, Sonoma Water District